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About us

D&H Uničov s.r.o

The company was founded in 1997 and started with four employees. From beginnig is company focused to production of furniture components for domestic and foreign market. In 2003 a new factory was built in Unicov, on the Nadrazni Street, where we are today. We currently have twenty-five employees and we produce a wide range of products and preparations made from solid wood, veneered plywood and ALU.

Main program was in its early stages of our production work filling wooden lattice of all possible trees in various sizes. In 2000 we started manufacturing furniture shutters with veneer finish and tw years later expanded our range of roller blinds with metal finish and a complementary program to the assembly and installation in furniture. Today we can produce various kinds of blind surface (Formica, veneer, PVC film).


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A significant investment in manufacturing technology and storage space, we have opened up new possibilities in the manufacture of profiled bars, which are widely used as window moldings, skirting board, trimming, painting etc. Most of the products we can supply well-coated.


Today the company has a production area of 600 m2 and the total storage area of 2000 m2.

In recent years, we approached the end users through a network of suppliers of furniture components (Drevotrust, Kili Ltd, Tilia Ltd., Smak Ltd., Naceva SK). There were also new products in our offer - wooden handles, ventilatin grilles of various shapes and types, cable glands, table legs.

To respond to your request as quickly as possible, we have large range of products permanently in stock. We treat every order in the same way and we try to accommodate all requests. 


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